Applicants must be graduates of an approved University holding a good Honours Degree in a related discipline. Applicants to MPhil courses who hold a Pass degree can also be considered for entry, and if accepted, will normally be required to pass a Qualifying Examination. Students with Honours Degrees may also be required to take Qualifying Examinations, as relevant to their areas of research. The nature of the Qualifying Examination, though determined by the Department, shall be subject to the Faculty's Sub-Committee on Graduate Studies. A candidate who fails the Qualifying Examination is not normally permitted to re-sit. 

All graduate students at the Master's level are normally required to take courses for Departmental Examinations. Postgraduate Students seeking a research degree are normally required to register first for the MPhil degree. Transfer to the PhD may be made if recommended by the student's Supervisor and the Departmental Graduate Supervision Committee, and if supported by the Faculty's Sub-Committee on Graduate Studies and approved by the Board of Graduate Studies.

Students may register for full-time or part-time studies. No student may be registered for full-time study if s/he spends an average of nine or more hours a week in paid employment. 

Each graduate student is assigned a Supervisor or Supervisors appropriate to the candidate's proposed field of study. Students are required to consult with their Supervisor(s) in person on a regular basis, but not less than once per term.

Theses presented must be written in accordance with stylistic conventions stipulated by the Faculty. Go to the Library website for more information. Students should consult the Postgraduate Faculty Handbook (PDF) and the Regulations for Higher Degrees, Thesis Guide, etc., for further requirements on specific graduate programmes. 

Here are guidelines for downloading:

1) Departmental Content of Postgraduate Seminar Presentations

2) Procedures for upgrade to the PhD