LANG 6000 Advanced Academic Language Writing Skills

Pre-requisites: As for the MA in English Language Programme

There are particular English language skills which are necessary for students working at the postgraduate research level. These include specific skills in both speech and writing, which may or may not have been acquired in their undergraduate study. This course seeks to ensure competency in the requisite skills. Advanced Academic English Language Skills will require intense involvement on the part of students in activities which include expository and argumentative writing with focus on research/report writing, interactive/collaborative sessions such as class presentations, peer critiquing/reviewing and group work. Students will also be afforded the opportunity to enhance their linguistic abilities by processing and evaluating texts with varying types of content and structural organization. Students will be required to maintain a portfolio in which all work/assignments will be kept.

Method of Instruction: 3 weekly seminar and workshop hours
Assessment: 100% in-course assessment (Research Paper 25% -approximately 2000 words; Portfolio 15% (collection of writing assignments and class exercises undertaken throughout the semester); In-Course Test I 15% (summary); In-Course Test II 20% (Response to or Critique of Academic Text); In-Course Test III 15% (10-15 minute oral presentation in seminar on research topic).

This is a course on the MA in English Language progamme, and is normally offered in Semester 1.