LING 2002 Syntax (2)

Pre-requisite: LING 1001, LING 1002 and LING 1005

This course is designed to provide an introduction to some of the theoretical orientations in Linguistics, and to provide opportunities to do practical work based on these theories. It focuses especially on generative grammar. This course provides part of a broad base in Linguistics for students wanting to pursue further work in the field.


Method of Instruction: 2 lectures and 2 labs per week

Assessment: 40% in-course assessment, 60% final examination

Basic Reading List

Baker, Mark C. The Atoms of Language. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002.

Carnie, Andrew. Syntax: A Generative Introduction. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 2006.

More Information

The top student in this course plus LING 2001 is awarded the Departmental Prize for Theoretical Linguistics (Level II). See Academic Prizes.