LING 2302 Sociolinguistics (2)

Pre-requisites: LING 1001, LING 1002 and LING 1005

Sociolinguistics is concerned with the relationship between the language we speak and the society we live in. It is concerned with describing dialects of language in their own right and evaluating their diverse uses. It studies language as a tool of power and identity. Within this introductory course, fundamental sociolinguistic concepts and premises are introduced; we look at the ways in which social variation can be correlated with linguistic variation, and examine issues of gender, ethnicity, class, age and education as critical variables. This is a recommended course for language teachers and students of Social Sciences.

Method of Instruction: 2 lectures and 1 tutorial per week

Assessment: 40% in-course assessment, 60% final examination

Basic Reading List

Wardhaugh, Ronald. An Introduction to Sociolinguistics. 6th ed. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers Ltd., 2006