LING 2304 Language Situations in the Modern World (1)

Pre-requisites: LING 1001, LING 1002 and LING 1005

The course introduces students to speech situations such as monolingualism, bilingualism, and multilingualism (societal and individual) in a wide variety of settings and contexts, and to the dynamic sociolinguistic processes that give rise to these situations. These sociolinguistic processes range from language birth to death, and include contact, creolisation, maintenance, attrition, shift and also revival and reversal of language shift. By the end of this course, students will be able to define and discuss phenomena which occur when speakers of different languages come into contact with each other. Students will be enabled to research, understand, and describe the complexities of language contact situations.

Method of Instruction: 2 lectures and 1 tutorial per week

Assessment: 40% in-course assessment, 60% final examination

This course normally alternates with LING 2501. Either one of these two courses is compulsory for Linguistics majors (starting with students enrolled from the 2010-2011 academic year).