LING 3101 Applied Linguistics (2)

Pre-requisites: LING 2101

Applied Linguistics provides the theoretical and descriptive foundations for the investigation and solution of language-related problems, especially those of language education (first-language, second-language and foreign-language teaching and learning), but also problems of translation and interpretation, lexicography, forensic linguistics and (perhaps) clinical linguistics. Its main distinguishing characteristic is its concern with professional activities whose aim is to solve 'real-world' language-based problems, which means that research touches on a particularly wide range of issues - psychological, pedagogical, social, political and economic as well as linguistic.

Method of Instruction: 2 lectures and 1 tutorial per week

Assessment: 40% in-course assessment, 60% final examination

The top student in this course plus LING 2101 is awarded the Departmental Prize for Applied Linguistics. See Academic Prizes.