LING 6103 Principles and Methods of English Language Teaching

Pre-requisites: LING 1001, LING 1002 and LING 2302

The aim of this course is to have postgraduate students, themselves teachers in many cases, explore theoretical issues relevant to English Language teaching, the principles of selected approaches to the teaching of English and an exploration of methods used to teach English. This will allow them to assess how best to approach the teaching and learning challenges entailed. The course will allow for exploration of concepts such as competence and proficiency and the distinction between cognitive academic language proficiency/ literacy-related skills and basic interpersonal communication skills (BICS). The relevance of grammar instruction and its relationship to the development of writing skills will also be examined, as well as different approaches to the teaching of grammar.

Method of Instruction: 3 weekly seminar hours
Assessment: 100% in-course assessment (3 practical exercises in course planning and materials design for specific purposes in English language teaching in a Caribbean context - 20% each, and1 Research Paper (5000 words) - 40%)

This course is part of the MA in English Language and the MA in TESOL, and is normally offered in Semester 1.