LING 6401 The Grammar of English: An Extrapolatory Approach

Pre-requisites:LING 2402

Because linguists’ contributions to the understanding of the structure of English are often masked within very specialist theoretical frameworks, this course seeks to make their discoveries available to persons interested in the grammar of English for practical utility and application rather than with a focus on the theoretical constructs within which these discoveries are usually presented. Starting with particular language structures within actually occurring English language data, the course will allow the student to work out the grammatical rules that underpin these structures, at each stage checking these out against the descriptions within the appropriate linguistic texts as well as within traditional prescriptive grammars of English.

Method of Instruction: 3 weekly seminar hours
Assessment: 100% in-course assessment (4 descriptive and evaluative activities - 15% each, 1 short Research Paper on a selected feature of English as used in a (named) Caribbean context or as produced by students of a specific foreign language background (5,000 words) - 40%)

This course is part of the MA in English Language and the MA in TESOL, and is normally offered in Semester 2.