LING 6407 Discourse Styles of English

Pre-requisites: LING 2302 and LING 2402

It is essential for English language scholars to be able to analyse discourse beyond the sentence level and to understand the effect which differences in genre can have on choices of specific linguistic forms in English as well as on the structure of the discourse itself. This course will examine various approaches to analysing discourse and identify the linguistic features of particular discourse modes. It will enable students to analyse a variety of discourse types and distinguish the differences in these discourse types across a range of English language varieties, including most specifically Caribbean varieties.

Method of Instruction: 3 weekly seminar hours
Assessment: 100% in-course assessment (1 in-course Essay - 20%, 2 in-course analytical exercises - 30% and 1 Research Paper (5,000 words) - 50%)

This course is part of the MA in English Language, and is normally offered in Semester 2.