LING 6804 Language Acquisition in Creole Contexts

Pre-requisites: None

The course acquaints students in depth with the nature of creologenic environments and the contexts in which language acquisition occurs within them. In doing this it considers different phases in the development of Creoles in themselves and in relation to juxtaposed standard varieties. Following from this the course of language acquisition is charted within these environments and the structure of Creoles and their emergent characteristics in young children are detailed. The next phase of the course distinguishes clearly between language as used by Creole-speaking children and that used by children with language disabilities and considers assessment measures which allow for discrimination between the two. It also considers critically the terms ‘language disadvantage’, ‘semilingualism’ and ‘disadvantageous bilingualism’ what these entail and how any real language disadvantage can be mediated.

SLAATT Scope of Practice:
Evaluation/Diagnostic Adaptations for Cultural and/or Linguistic Diversity

Readings: TBA