Careers in Linguistics

Linguistics Day 2001 Poster

Linguistics Day 2001

Linguistics is foundational to these fields:

• Linguistic Research
• Language Survey(s)
• Lexicography (dictionary making)
Speech pathology, Speech and Hearing and Speech therapy
• Voice Coaching
• ESP (English for Special Purposes), including ELT (English Language Teaching)
• Translation

Linguistics is valuable in these fields:

• Advertising (including New Product Naming)
• Computer Industry (Speech Synthesis and Speech Recognition)
Education (Teaching, Planning, Policy)
Foreign Language Learning
• Information Processing
Journalism and Writing
• Literature and Literary Criticism
• Literacy
• Publishing and Editing
• Technical Writing
• Writing Consultancy

Linguistics can be useful in these fields:

• Law
Library Science
• Neurosciences
• Philosophy
• Public Relations (Information flow)

(Source: Taken from SCL's FAQs on Linguistics.)

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