We strongly encourage all Linguistics majors to learn a foreign language, whether French, French Creole (Patois), Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish or T&T Sign Language in the DMLL, and others at the Centre for Language Learning.

The Major in Linguistics requires thirty-six (36) credits, and must include the following courses:


The following three (3) Level I Linguistics courses are compulsory:
LING 1001 Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology (Semester 2)
LING 1002 Introduction to Morphology and Syntax (Semester 1)
LING 1005 Introduction to Language (Semester 1)

Linguistics Majors read the following two Foundation English Language Writing courses:

FOUN 1001 English for Academic Purposes
FOUN 1102 Academic Writing for Different Disciplines (Option A or B)


15 additional Level I credits (i.e., 5 Level I courses of which a maximum of 3 courses may be out-of-Faculty).

* Level I is the foundation for all future courses. Note that performance in Level I courses does not influence (positively or negatively), the final quality of the degree (First Class Honours, Upper Second Class Honours, Lower Second Class Honours or Pass). However, Level I is often a good indicator of future performance at Levels II and III which fully count towards the quality of the degree.

At Level II, students must read a minimum of five (5) Linguistics courses, or 15 credits, which MUST comprise the following:

Two (2) Theory courses:
LING 2001 Phonology (Semester 1)
LING 2002 Syntax (Semester 2)

Note that LING 2004 Semantics (Semester 1) is highly recommended. It is offered in alternating years and should be taken by every Linguistics single and double major when available and where possible.

Two (2) Sociolinguistics courses as follows:
LING 2302 Sociolinguistics (Semester 2)
LING 2304 Language Situations in the Modern World (Semester 1) OR
LING 2501 Language, Gender and Sex (Semester 1)

One (1) English Linguistics course as follows:
LING 2402 Structure of English (Semester 1)
LING 2403 Change and Development in the English Language (Semester 2)

Two (2) Foundation courses:

FOUN 1210 Science, Medicine, Technology in Society
FOUN 1301 Law, Governance, Economy in Society


9 additional Level II/III credits (i.e., 3 Level II/III FHE or out-of-Faculty courses).

A minimum of four (4) Linguistics courses or 12 credits, which MUST include the following courses:

LING 3201 Caribbean Dialectology (Semester 1)
LING 3202 Creole Linguistics (Semester 2)
LING 3099 Special Project in Linguistics (Semesters 1& 2)*


18 additional Level II/III credits (i.e., 6 courses of which a maximum of 3 courses may be out-of-Faculty).

For students majoring in Linguistics and planning to do postgraduate research work in Linguistics (MPhil and PhD), the following courses are highly recommended:

LING 3001 Advanced Phonology (Semester 1)
LING 3002 Advanced Syntax (Semester 2)

Students should also read at least six (6) credits in the structure and usage of a Caribbean language, for example, LING 2902 and LING 2903 Structure and Usage of French-Lexicon Creole (Patois) I and II, or LING 2819 and LING 2820 Structure and Usage of Caribbean Sign Language I and II.

*Regarding LING 3099, double majors (whose first major is not linguistics) should consult their academic advisors.