(not currently offered)

This MA programme aims to equip candidates with the necessary theoretical knowledge to enable the teaching of English to a variety of learner sub-types. The programme also aims to undertake valid research in the context of this burgeoning field, and feeds into the MPhil and PhD programmes by providing a first year of coursework as well as requiring the completion of a reading field in each case.

This programme targets persons involved in education, particularly those in language learning and teaching, who satisfy the following admission requirements. Applicants must possess at least a Lower Second Class Honours degree with a clear B grade in a minimum of 4 Level II and 4 Level III courses in Linguistics. Persons who do not possess these requirements in Linguistics must complete the required qualifying courses successfully before being accepted into the programme. Persons who do not possess the necessary Linguistics requirements may also opt to begin with the Diploma in TESOL. (Queries are also invited for a the Professional Development certificate programme for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language.)

Here are the titles of some completed MA Applied Linguistics theses.