(currently offered by the Open Campus)

The purpose of this programme is to equip interested persons with the capacity to critically analyse the structures of the English language at all linguistic levels and to evaluate accurately the changing role of English language varieties in the Caribbean region as well as on a global scale. Students will be able to critically analyse Caribbean vernacular language varieties and to accurately compare them with standard English. They will be able to design courses to cater to diverse groups of learners whose native varieties may differ from standard English in a range of ways.

The programme targets secondary and post-secondary teachers of English as well as teacher trainers, programme and course developers and scholars of the English language in all its aspects. It is equally applicable to students throughout the Caribbean region as it is in Trinidad & Tobago. A university degree (a minimum of Lower Second Class) Honours or a qualification adjudged by the University to be equivalent. The disciplinary background of candidates would normally be Linguistics, Literatures in English or Education or any other discipline deemed relevant to this programme. The programme is normally completed in 4 semesters part-time (2 courses per semester). The time limit is four years (allowing for one repetition of any one course).

The following courses (or their equivalent) will normally be required of students who do not have any background in Linguistics and will need to be taken in a preliminary year:

LING 1001 Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
LING 1002 Introduction to Morphology and Syntax
LING 2101 Language Acquisition
LING 2302 Sociolinguistics
LING 2402 Structure of the English Language

Programme Requirements:
• 8 graduate courses at 4 credits each (32 credits):.

LANG 6000 Advanced Academic English Language Skills (Semester 1)
LING 6103 Principles and Methods of English Language Teaching (Semester 1)
LING 6106 The Content of Tertiary Level English Language Courses (Semester 1)
LING 6201 Comparative Caribbean English-lexicon Creole (Semester 1)
LING 6302 The Sociolinguistics of West Indian Language and Society (Semester 1)
LING 6401 The Grammar of English: An Extrapolatory Approach (Semester 2)
LING 6402 World Englishes (Semester 2)
LING 6406 The Pronunciation and Spelling of English (Semester 2)


LING 6407 Discourse Styles of English (Semester 2, when available)
LING 6408 MA Research Paper (8 credits)

• LING 6408 is an MA Research Paper consisting of an Action Research assignment to be undertaken in the classroom context (8 credits). Practical research will normally be carried out during Year 2 of the programme and written up by 31 July of the final year.