This programme targets graduates who hold a BA in Spanish from UWI or a valid equivalent degree from another University. It is a part-time programme which students are normally required to complete in a minimum period of 3 calendar years. The criteria for eligibility are as follows:

a) At least a Lower Second Class Honours degree from UWI or the equivalent;

b) Candidates must have read and passed at least 4 courses in Hispanic Literature in Year II and 4 in Year III of the BA in Spanish, all at or above Grade B;

c) Candidates who do not satisfy the aforementioned requirements may be allowed to take a qualifying examination.

a. One course at 6 credits:

HUMN 6699 Methods of Research and Literary Scholarship (year-long)

b. 2 semester courses in English at 4 credits each:

LITS 6007 Modern Cultural & Critical Theory
LITS 6004 Caribbean Poetics

c. 4 semester courses in Spanish at 4 credits each. Courses offered may vary from year to year.

Courses presently offered in the programme are as follows:

SPAN 6007 Narcotrafficking in Contemporary Colombian Narrative
SPAN 6039 From Autobiography to Testimonial: Narratives of the Authority, Self and Community
SPAN 6299 Caribbean Baroque: Góngora in the New World?
SPAN 6399 Revolution and Society in Spanish America
SPAN 6499 The Spanish American Short Story
SPAN 6599 Social & Political Thought in the Spanish American Essay
SPAN 6799 20th Century Venezuelan Poetry
SPAN 6899 Urbanization, Ecology and Quality of Life in Spanish American Narrative
SPAN 6999 African-Caribbean Literature in Spanish

a) One Reading Field (the list provided to students at beginning of programme). The seminar presentation must be made before the start of Semester 3 of the course of study.

b) One Research Paper of 10,000 words for 12 credits (submitted at the end of Year 2 by November).