MDSC 2003 Clinical Management (2)

This is a structured Observation Course which includes observational hours in clinical settings in Trinidad & Tobago. It addresses clinical practicum issues, such as:

  • different treatment methods across disorders;
  • strategies to manage undesirable client behaviours across different contexts and age ranges;
  • documentation (e.g., report writing, IEP’s, progress reports, lesson plans), and strategies to maintain target behaviours;
  • differences (e.g., linguistic and cultural) and/or unusual disorders (e.g., delays due to severe sensory deprivations) will be discussed/incorporated as needed;
  • ASHA guidelines and Code of Ethics to be upheld by both the supervisor and students, in Speech and Language Pathology (SLP); and
  • the professional issues in SLP and Audiology.

Method of Instruction: 3 contact hours per week
Assessment: 100% in-course assessment