All of our Lecturers are actively engaged in research in specific fields and we have an impressive and wide-ranging staff research profile, many of whom teach on their areas of research and expertise. In addition, we have postgraduate students engaged in areas of relevant research to the Caribbean and the region.

Below is a list of student postgraduate theses in Francophone and Hispanophone literatures, some completed and some in progress

Postgraduate theses on French, Portuguese and Spanish Applied Linguistics may be found in Linguistics here in our Department.

Postgraduate theses on aspects of Francophone and Franco-Créolophone, Lusophone and Hispanic cultures may be found in Cultural Studies, in the Department of Literary, Cultural and Communication Studies.

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MA French

Judith A. GRANDERSON.  The Post-War Novel in Martinique and Guadeloupe: Zobel, Glissant and Lacrosil. 1976.

PhD French

Jean A. CAMPBELL.  Women in the Novels of Flaubert, Maupassant and Zola.  1992.

Sharon MANSINGH-DUBAY. The Folie Construct in the Works of Francophone Caribbean Writer Gisèle Pineau. 2012.

MA Spanish

Keisha ALLAN. Existentialism in the works of Sábato and Sartre. 2011. (Supervisor: Lancelot Cowie)

Tanya ANDERSON. An Exploration of Death in Selected Works by Alejo Carpentier and Arturo Uslar Pietri. 2013 (Supervisor: Anne-Marie Pouchet)

Terri ANDERSON. From her own two lips: The feminine erotic as a literary genre in Gioconda Belli's Sofia de los presagios, El país bajo mi piel and El pergamino de seducción. 2012. (Supervisor: Nicole Roberts)

Melissa BOISSIERE. Análisis literario del fenómeno de los desaparecidos argentinos en selectas novelas del país. 2014. (Supervisor: Nicole Roberts)

Sunita BOODRAM. A Literary Portrayal of Feminicide and its victims in Juárez, México. 2012. (Supervisor: Anne-Marie Pouchet)

LeAnn COPELAND. A Literary Analysis of the Representations of Women in Arráncame la vida by Angeles Mastretta and Papeles de Pandora by Rosario Ferré. 2018. (Supervisor: Nicole Roberts)

Naila JOSEPH. A Critical Evaluation of Representative Colombian Narrative on Drug Trafficking. 2011. (Supervisor: Lancelot Cowie)

Ope KOJO. Mestizaje in Rómulo Gallegos' Pobre Negro and Ramon Sánchez's Cumbuto. 2015. (Supervisor: Nicole Roberts)

Danna LOOK FOE.  Exceptional Women Breaking the Code: A Comparative Analysis of the Book of Judith and Rosario Ferré’s Pico Rico Mandorico, Cuando las mujeres quieren a los hombres, La cucarachita Martina and La muñeca menor. 2004. (Supervisor: Nicole Roberts)

Mary-Ann MITCHELL. Socio-Cultural Issues in the Novels of Luz Argentina Chiriboga: Bajo la Piel de los Tambores and Jonatás y Manuela. 2012. (Supervisor: Lancelot Cowie)

Deena MOHAMMED.  Female Identity in Rosario Ferré’s Papeles de Pandora and Rosario Castellanos’ Album de familia. 2007. (Supervisor:Nicole Roberts)

Elisha MOHAMMED. Women as Their Own Enemy: A Study of Oppression in the Short Stories of Ana Lydia Vega. 2011. (Supervisor: Nicole Roberts)

Jemima OVID.  Forced Displacement in Select Contemporary Colombian Narrative. 2011. (Supervisor: Lancelot Cowie)

Maureen RAPHAEL. Resistance, Revolution and Liberation in Gioconda Belli's Two Novels El pergamino de la seducción and El país bajo mi piel. 2011.(Supervisor: Lancelot Cowie)

Chevon RODNEY.  Hibridity in Cuando era portorriqueña and Casi una mujer de Esmeralda Santiago. 2008. (Supervisor: Lancelot Cowie)

Elizabeth Abigail SAMPSON. Dictatorship and its impact in Hispanic Literature with special reference to ¿Te dio miedo la sangre? (1977) by Sergio Ramírez and La dama de cristal (1999) by Zelmar Acevedo Díaz.

Talia SOLOMON. The literary portrayal of President Salvador Allende and his Regime in Allende, Mi Vecino el Presidente (1989) by Fernando Alegria and in Soñé que la Nieve Ardia (1985) by Antonio Skarmeta. 2014. (Supervisor: Anne-Marie Pouchet)

Charleston THOMAS. Entrapment, Survival and Power in Antes que anochezca by Reinaldo Arenas. 2003. (Supervisor: Nicole Roberts)

Ako WALKER. Prostitution in Select Argentine Narrative. 2011. (Supervisor: Lancelot Cowie)

MPhil Spanish

Graciela Marlene AGUILAR-NAHAS.  Las mujeres salvadoreñas y el cambio social: Reflexiones a través de los trabajos de Claribel Alegría, D.J. Flakoll y Manlio Argueta. 2010. (Supervisor: Nicole Roberts)

Nasima AKALOO. The Representation of Female Prostitution in Selected Contemporary Colombian Narratives. 2010. (Supervisor: Lancelot Cowie)

Juan Diego DUQUE ARROYAVE.  Insurreción y guerrillas en la novela colombiana: Los inicios.  2006. (Supervisor: Nicole Roberts)

Martina TALIĆ-YOUNGLAO.  20th Century Spanish Women Authors: Censorship and the Evolution of Women’s Writing. 2009. (Supervisor: Nicole Roberts)

Anne-Marie POUCHET.  The Literary Portrayal of General Juan Vicente Gómez in Fiebre (1939) by Miguel Otero Silva and En la casa del pez que escupe el agua (1975) by Francisco Herrera Luque. 2000. (Supervisor: Lancelot Cowie)


PhD Spanish

Nina BRUNI. A critical analysis of Marcio Veloz Maggiolo's vision of society and culture as presented in his narrative = Un análisis crítico de la visión de Marcio Veloz Maggiolo de la sociedad y la cultura como se presenta en su narrativa. 2013. (Supervisor: Lancelot Cowie)

Linda WALDRON. Isabel Allende: Literary Inheritance and Female Power. 2003. (Supervisor: Nicole Roberts)



PhD French

Carla BASCOMBE. The novels of Evelyne Trouillot.

MPhil French

Celeste Mary-Anne HARGREAVES. The Treatment of Inner Exile in the writings of Yanick Lahens, Kettly Mars and Evelyne Trouillot.

MA Spanish

Camela BENNY. An Exploration of the Life and Works of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.(Supervisor: Nicole Roberts)

Sparkle HENRY. The Phenomenon of the Half Breed Woman: An Analysis of the ‘Mulata’ in Selected Poems by Nicolás Guillén. (Supervisor: Nicole Roberts)

Chrisl THOMAS. Black is an Invisible Colour: Psychological Trauma in Pastranas' Last River by Nelson Estupiñian Bass. (Supervisor: Nicole Roberts)

MPhil Spanish

Shane PRINCE. The Dictator in Venezuela. (Supervisor: Anne-Marie Pouchet)

PhD Spanish

Adonis DÍAZ FERNÁNDEZ. Orishaismo: Nombrar y Clasificar la Literatura Africanista y Sagrada de Cuba (Supervisor: Nicole Roberts)

Related Interest:

Beverly-Anne CARTER. Teacher/Student Responsibility in Foreign Language (French) Learning in an Era of Technological Change.  PhD thesis. 2001. (Supervisor: Ian E. Robertson)

Jo-Anne S. FERREIRA. The Portuguese Language in Trinidad & Tobago: A Study of Language Shift and Language Death. PhD thesis. 1999. (Supervisor: Barbara Lalla)

Diego MIDEROS CAMARGO. L2 Learner Autonomy/Agency among Undergraduate Spanish Students in Trinidad: A Phenomenological Exploration. PhD thesis. 2017. (Supervisor: Beverly-Anne Carter)

Cultural Studies

Maria Grau PEREJOAN. The Dragon Can't Dance by Earl Lovelace: An Annotated Translation into Spanish. MPhil thesis. 2011. (Supervisor: Nicole Roberts)

Charleston THOMAS. Male Same-Sex Desire: Caribbean Intellectual Discourse and Postcolonial Ideology. PhD thesis. 2009. (Supervisors: Nicole Roberts and Michael Bucknor)

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