Pre-requisites for Undergraduate Programmes

Students entering The University of the West Indies to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree must have one of the following pre-requisites in order to register for the English Language Foundation Courses FOUN 1001 and FOUN 1102:

· General Paper : Grade A or B
· CXC English Language (General Proficiency) : Grade 1
· GCE English Language : Distinction

Those who do not have any of these requirements must sit and pass the English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT).

Faculty Requirements

Humanities and Education students are required to do two English Language Foundation courses FOUN 1001 English for Academic Purposes and FOUN 1102 Academic Writing for Different Disciplines.

FOUN 1001 is offered in both semesters, and in the Mid-Year Programme (June-July).

FOUN 1102 is offered in Semester 2, and has three different options:

  • FOUN 1102 Option A: Writing about Literature. This Option is compulsory for Literatures in English Majors, and recommended for students doing Literature in other languages, as well as for Creative Arts students.
  • FOUN 1102 Option B: Argument and Report Writing. This Option may be taken by any Humanities student, except for Literatures in English Majors. Law students are required to take this Option.
  • FOUN 1102 Option C: Scientific and Technical Writing. Science and Agriculture students are required to do this option, offered in Semester 2.

Social Sciences students are required to do one English Language Foundation course: FOUN 1001 Academic Writing for Different Disciplines, offered in both semesters and in the Mid-Year programme (June-July).