SPLP 6004 Clinical Practicum IV

Pre-requisite: SPLP 6003 Clinical Practicum III

This course is intended as a continuing supervised clinical practice in speech-language pathology in a full-time adult setting, such as a hospital, rehabilitation centre, and/or private practice, with an on-site supervisor. This course provides the advanced student of speech-language pathology with a varied clinical experience aimed at sharpening clinical skills, providing a greater breadth and depth of clinical involvements, and generally increasing clinical independence and clinical competency.

ASHA Standards: 

Standard IV E—Ethical Conduct

Standard IV F—Evidence Based Clinical Practice

Standard  V B—Evaluation and Intervention--Adults

Standard  V B—Interaction and Personality Qualities

SLAATT Scope of Practice: 

Speech-Language Screening—Adults


Comprehensive Speech-Language Assessment—Adult

Comprehensive Swallowing Assessment—Adult


Follow-up Procedures

Prevention Services

Therapeutic Intervention--Adult