SPLP 6005 Diagnostic Methods in Speech–Language Pathology

Pre-requisites: None, once entry requirements to Programme are fulfilled.

Assessment and diagnosis of speech and language disorders is an integral part of the scope of practice of the Speech-Language Pathologist. This includes multicultural considerations, evaluations of persons with multiple disabilities and differential diagnosis in more complex cases. The Speech-Language Pathologist must be cognisant of the evaluation tools required for each individual case and be flexible in the use of both formal and informal procedures. The information gained by assessment must also be correctly interpreted in the formulation of prognostic profiles and the development of treatment goals.

ASHA Standards:
Standard IV D—Principles of Assessment
Standard IV E—Standards of Ethical Conduct
Standard V B (1) Evaluation
Standard V B (3) Interaction and Personal Qualities

SLAATT Scope of Practice:
Speech-Language Screening—Children
Speech-Language Screening—Adult
Audiologic Screening
Comprehensive Speech-Language Evaluation
Evaluation/Diagnostic Adaptations for Cultural and/or Linguistic Diversity
Standards of Ethical Conduct

Main Text:

Shipley, K.G. & McAfee, J.G. Assessment in Speech Language Pathology: A Resource Manual. 4th ed. Clifton Park, NY: Thomson/Delmar Learning, 2008.