SPLP 6006 Neurological Bases of Communication Disorders

Pre-requisites: None, once entry requirements to Programme are fulfilled.

Neurological trauma or disease commonly affects speech, language, and/or cognitive ability to varying degrees. This course is designed to help students appreciate the complexity and plasticity of the nervous system including structural and functional features and the mechanisms underlying certain pathological conditions. Students will be introduced to the theoretical neurological constructs governing speech, language, and cognitive abilities, as well as the clinical features associated with neurogenic pathologies. Differences in behavioural and communicative disturbances resulting from disease, defect, or injury in children and adults are discussed with a special emphasis on assessment.

ASHA Standards:
Standard III B—Human Communication: Neurological Bases
Standard IV C—Communication Disorders: Etiology and Characteristics
Standard IV C—Cognitive Disorders: Etiology and Characteristics
Standard IV D—Principles of Prevention and Assessment: Developmental Correlates

SLAATT Scope of Practice:
Speech-Language Screening—Children
Speech-Language Screening—Adult
Comprehensive Speech-Language Evaluation
Cognitive-Communication Assessment

Readings: TBA