SPLP 6013 Voice and Resonance

Pre-requisites: LING 2006 Speech and Hearing Science; SPLP 6006 Neurological Bases of Communication Disorders; and Diagnostic Methods in Speech-Language Pathology

This course examines the histology and physiology of the vocal mechanism and tract, as well as the organic, neurogenic, psychogenic, iatrogenic, and idiopathic etiologies of dysphonia.  Pre- and post-surgical management of cleft palate, laryngeal carcinoma, and respiratory etiologies is discussed.  Hands-on training with acoustic and instrumental diagnostic and treatment techniques is provided.  The role of the therapeutic relationship is explored.             

ASHA Standards: 

Standard IV C—Voice and Resonance: Etiologies and Characteristics

Standard IV D—Voice and Resonance: Prevention, Assessment and Intervention

Standard IV F—Evidence Based Clinical Practice

Standard  V B—Evaluation, Intervention, Interaction/Professional Qualities (Counselling)


SLAATT Scope of Practice: 

Voice Assessment

Voice Intervention

Resonance and Nasal Airflow Assessment

Resonance and Nasal Airflow Intervention

Readings: TBA