Spanish Undergraduate Courses

Unless otherwise stated, all undergraduate courses are one-semester courses, worth three (3) credits each.

Spanish Language

Level I

SPAN 1001 Spanish Language 1A
SPAN 1002 Spanish Language 1B

Level II

SPAN 2001 Spanish Language 2A
SPAN 2002 Spanish Language 2B
SPAN 2101 History of the Spanish Language I
SPAN 2102 History of the Spanish Language II
SPAN 2202 Culture and Society in Spanish America

Level III

SPAN 3001 Spanish Language 3A
SPAN 3002 Spanish Language 3B
SPAN 3502 Business Spanish
SPAN 3504 Spanish Translation I
SPAN 3505 Spanish Translation II

Hispanic Literature

Level I

SPAN 1701 Introduction to Hispanic Literature - Narrative
SPAN 1702 Introduction to Hispanic Literature - Poetry and Drama

Level II
SPAN 2212 Hispanic Literary Culture
SPAN 2301 Twentieth Century Spanish American Poetry
SPAN 2302 Twentieth Century Spanish American Narrative
SPAN 2601 Civilisation and Barbarism in Spanish American Literature
SPAN 2602 Marvellous Realism in Spanish American Writing
SPAN 2603 Hispanic Literature: Death
SPAN 2604 Women in Hispanic Literature
SPAN 2605 Existentialism in Hispanic Literature
SPAN 2713 Twentieth Century Mexican Literature and Culture
SPAN 2817 Twentieth Century Literature of Colombia and Central America

Level III
SPAN 3204 Cervantes
SPAN 3301 Issues in Contemporary Cuban Culture
SPAN 3303 Twentieth Century Argentine Literature
SPAN 3603 Hispanic Drama
SPAN 3604 Major Spanish American Writers
SPAN 3703 The New Spanish American Novel
SPAN 3705 Contemporary Venezuelan Theatre
SPAN 3706 Spanish Caribbean Literature
SPAN 3901 Social and Political Issues in Contemporary Spanish American Film and Narrative

Notes on Courses and Course Codes: each course code is composed of the course initials and the level of the course. For example, SPAN 1001 is a Spanish course, and a Level I course. Level I courses do not count towards honours.