Staff Seminar Series

Relaunched in November 2011, the lunchtime staff seminars meet on the first Friday of every month from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. in FHE SB1 or FHE Seminar Room 330. They are a series of regular, informal lunchtime meetings which serve as a forum for academic staff to share and discuss aspects of their ongoing research with their colleagues and students.


Each month one staff member gives a short presentation (about 20 minutes or so) on his or her current research, and this is followed by questions, comments, and discussion from the other participants. As academic staff actively engaged in research, this forum serves several purposes, including:

• opportunities for discussion and feedback from colleagues;
• informing colleagues about research interests;
• generating new ideas, mutual advice, and sometimes opportunities for collaboration.

Past presentations:

27 March 2015 - Lawrence Scott, reading from his short story collection Leaving by Plane, Swimming Back Underwater

6 March 2015 - Monique Roffey, reading from her novel House of Ashes

6 February 2015 - Sharon Millar, reading from her short story collection The Whale House

7 November 2014 - Dr Grant Lilford: Madness or Mysticism: The Unconscious Ascetics of Power and Hunger

10 October 2014 - Mr Ramaesh Bhagirat: Race, Nation, and Performative Culture in the South Caribbean, 1950s-1990s

4 April 2014 - Dr Ben Braithwaite: A Brief History of Sign Language in Trinidad and Tobago

21 March 2014 - Rachel Manley, reading from her memoir Sometimes Writer

28 February 2014 - Opal Palmer Adisa, reading from her book Four-Headed Woman

7 February 2014 - Dr Elizabeth Jackson: Indian Muslim Women Writing in English: Class Privilege, Gender Disadvantage, Minority Status

1 March 2013 - Mr Rabindranath Maharaj, reading from his novel The Amazing Absorbing Boy

1 February 2013 - Dr. Gabrielle Hezekiah: Depth and Isolation: Kaoru Katayama's Ba-ji-toh-fuh, cuando el viento del este sopla al oído del caballo

2 November 2012 - Dr Vijay Maharaj: A Question of Dignity

5 October 2012 - Dr Glenroy Taitt: Memoirs of St. Joseph, Trinidad's first capital, by the Godmother, Mother, Son

4 May 2012 - Dr Jo-Anne Ferreira: Trinidad's French and French Creole Heritage: Past, Present and Future.

13 April 2012 - Rómulo Guédez: The GoodStart Mentorship Programme: Impact on the UWI student experience. Download the abstract here.

2 March 2012 - Dr Giselle Rampaul and Ryan Durgasingh on The Spaces between Words Podcast

February 2012 - Dr Nicole Roberts: Place, Race, and Sociocultural Space

December 2011 - Dr Louis Regis: "Dis Is Wha We Does Do": Literary Analysis of Calypso Texts

November 2011 - Dr Godfrey Steele: Student engagement in communication studies teaching and research

Everyone is invited to attend, bringing their lunch, and academic staff are encouraged to sign up for a presentation by contacting Dr Elizabeth Jackson.