In order to assist you, our valued student, we have introduced the following support measures for your benefit. We strongly encourage you to access as many as you consider necessary as you engage in formal academic writing! For further information, please visit the Secretariat at the English Language Foundation Unit Office, Ground Floor, Humanities Building. See it numbered 137 on our campus map.

1. myeLearning portal: visit and view/download lecturers’ notes, course outlines, course manuals, power point presentations, self-assessment exercises, web links, past paper questions, model responses, etc.

2. Practice Writing: submit practice essays, paragraphs and outlines and get an Examiner’s feedback as well as a 30-minute consultation.

3. Grammar Workshops: register online for these as they will help you develop related skills.

4. Writing Workshops: sign up for individual attention in honing writing skills.

5. Office Hours: feel free to visit during the specified office hours that have been increased for you. Remember, a Student Assistant is also available from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every day.

6. Consultations: maximise your returns by taking advantage of consultations with an Examiner.

7. Writing Centre: feel free to visit the Writing Centre, South Block, Humanities Building and benefit from the services of a Writing Coach.