Programa de Intercambio: Asistente de Lenguas, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine / Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (UPN)


Programme Details

  • An one-year Exchange Programme that allows two or three BA Spanish students to travel to Colombia, where they will work as English Language Assistants at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional.
  • Assistants interact with professors and students in English, carry out pedagogic activities, and organise activities that promote linguistic and cultural exchange. In turn, assistants will be able to improve their Spanish competency, and experience the Spanish language and Colombian culture in Bogotá.

Programme Length: One (1) academic year


Programme Requirements

  • Full time students in the BA Spanish programme, who are in Level Two, and have completed 50% of their degree programme by the end of their Second Year.
  • Students must have a B average GPA.
  • Preferably students with experience in teaching English and/or with courses in Linguistics.
  • Students with pending or suspended courses are not eligible.

Application Process

  • Students must submit the following documents in PDF format:
  1. Curriculum Vitae in Spanish and English,
  2. Carta de motivación,
  3. Three references - academic, work, and personal, and
  4. An unofficial transcript.
  • Students submit their documents to the myeLearning page: Spanish Study Abroad: International Cooperation Programme. Students then present themselves for an interview.
  • Students are awarded points according to their performance in the interview and carta de motivación. The points are added, and those with the three highest scores are chosen.

Cost: Students assume all costs, which include their passport, Colombian student visa, medical insurance for their entire stay, airfare, and sufficient funds to survive in Colombia for two (2) months.


For more information, please contact:

The Programme Coordinator: Paola Palma