Welcome to our Academic Writing Unit!

We offer a range of helpful courses all geared towards improving academic writing in English at the tertiary level. Our instructors are highly trained and willing to offer assistance and guidance to all students at The Writing Centre. Here is our course listing and Faculty and School requirements.

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We firmly believe that good writing is essential to academic success and the day-to-day sharing of information. We therefore do everything in our power to help you to acquire the necessary communicative competencies by means of the written word.

Good writing is also one of the most powerful means by which we formulate our thoughts and shape our values, including the higher order of values which give meaning to life and purpose to human activity. In this regard, our curricula cover concepts, issues, ideas, principles and practices that all reflect the philosophy "humani nihil alienum", that is, nothing concerning humanity is foreign to us!

Get your answers to some frequently asked questions (PDF file). You can also visit a Coordinator or Instructor during Office Hours.

Timetabling and Enrolment

The timetable is available online. Timetables are also displayed on notice boards of the ELFU offices in the South Block of the School of Humanities, and in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics (north of the elevator), and in each Faculty. Check out the campus maps.

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