Welcome to Linguistics!

Welcome to Linguistics

Welcome to the exciting world of Linguistics!

Acquire an in-depth knowledge of the languages of today's world.

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Linguistics at UWI

The Linguistics Section of the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics welcomes one and all to Life in Language! We have a number of exciting and relevant programmes and courses, including

  • Applied Linguistics
  • English Linguistics
  • Caribbean Linguistics, including Caribbean Vernacular Languages (Patois and Sign Language)
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Theoretical Linguistics, and more!


What is Linguistics?

Linguistics includes the study of all languages and their structure, and also of how they change in time and space; the study of language as the basis of all social interaction; and the study of how people acquire languages - the language facility is uniquely human. Linguistics teaches us about the language of writing, of speech, of the computer, of literature, of politics, of medical interaction and of other professions.

Linguistics teaches us about ourselves, enables us to teach others to use language as appropriate to circumstances, and helps us to be competent communicators and to help others in the same way.

Some important sub-disciplines of linguistics include:

  • Historical Linguistics
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Language Acquisition
  • Creole Linguistics

Linguistics students are required to read a course in the structure and usage of a Caribbean language, such as French-lexicon Creole (Patois) or T&T Sign Language.

Students should consider the Centre for Language Learning language courses.

Careers include language teaching, speech therapy, journalism and writing, translating and interpreting, describing the world's unwritten languages and communications training.


Useful Sites

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Read our Language Blag and our Heritage Language series in STAN. Visit UWI/UNESCO's Caribbean Indigenous and Endangered Languages website at Mona.


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