Sign Language Programmes

The Caribbean is currently home to at least eleven known sign languages. These include the following and many more:

  • Colombian Sign Language
  • Costa Rican Sign Language
  • Cuba Sign Language
  • Dominican Sign Language
  • Jamaican Country Sign Language
  • Jamaican Sign Language
  • Panamanian Sign Language
  • Providencia Sign Language
  • Puerto Rican Sign Language
  • Trinidad and Tobago Sign Language
  • Venezuelan Sign Language


British Sign Language and American Sign Language are also used and understood to varying degrees in different countries in contact with users of those languages.


The Linguistics Section of the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics currently offers the following:

Minor in Caribbean Sign Language

Diploma in Caribbean Sign Language Interpreting (CSLI)


Please click on the links above for courses, programme structure and more information, or contact Dr Benjamin Braithwaite for Academic Advice.


Visit our Departmental research page for general information, and our RDI research page for more information on our research projects, including Digital Documentation of Trinidad and Tobago's endangered languages. Go to the pages of UWI, Mona, our sister campus for more information on sign language programmes there, where the programme began.