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The major challenge of our young societies in the Caribbean is to develop enough self- awareness to sustain a self concept that is positive enough to allow us to challenge the world. This is best done by developing genuine awarenesses of who we are and how we came to be the way we are, and then to celebrate who we are within the wider global community. Ours, in the Faculty of Humanities and Education is not an exact science nor, indeed, may it really qualify for the name science in the context of current and continuing dominance of empiricism and its stranglehold on notions of truth.

Ours is an attempt to discover the truths about ourselves through the exploration of the human issues that framed our coming into being. This Faculty seeks to interrogate and understand these truths, to educate ourselves and our significant others about them so that we may all fit into today’s reality, and we may all address tomorrow’s challenges with imagination, informed intelligence, and enlightened awareness of our true potential and of the limitations we need to overcome.

This Faculty seeks to achieve these through the use of state-of-the-art physical facilities, heightened awareness of the relevance and use of technology as a tool for education, an enlightened and comforting and supporting education environment to support learning, and an anxiety to help us define ourselves rather than fit ourselves into the limiting definitions framed by others from outside.

The Faculty welcomes you and invites you to share in its attempt to realize these and other goals. It is our sincere hope that after you leave us at the end of your training you remain closely associated with those fundamental tenets of the Faculty of Humanities and Education and that you prepare to share them with those who might not have been as fortunate as you have been to be exposed to the more humane and self sustaining values of the true education.

Dean Ian E Robertson

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