Claudius Fergus, Ph.D. The University of the West Indies


Claudius Fergus

Dr. Fergus specialises in African and African Diasporic histories. He pursues research in the Atlantic slave trade experience in western Africa. He also investigates the late 18th century militarism of Africans and their descendants during the Haitian Revolution and in the wider Caribbean. He teaches courses on African societies during all periods, leading to modern times. His publications include “Negotiating Time, Space and Spirit: A Case Study of Oral Tradition and the Construction of Lineage Identity in West Africa” in Isola Research in African Literatures; “The Siete Partidas: A Framework for Philanthropy and Coercion during The Amelioration Experiment in Trinidad, 1823-34” in Caribbean Studies; and most recently, “Dread of Insurrection: Abolitionism, Security and Labour in Britain’s West Indian Colonies, 1760-1823,” in The William & Mary Quarterly. His book Revolutionary Emancipationism and Abolitionism: The Dilemmas of Slavery, Internal Security, and Trusteeship in the Reformation of the British West Indies is in press.