New Students




Students interested in applying to the School of Dentistry should visit the UWI's Online Undergraduate Prospectus for information on application procedures, tuition and fees, accommodation and student services.




Dental Students Association

Trinidad and Tobago Dental Students Association


Visit the Dental Students' Association Facebook Page to learn about student life and activities or interact with current and past students of UWI.









Instrument Kits

Clinic Instruments

Students must purchase a kit of dental instruments and handpieces for use in the school's clinics and laboratories by the end of semester two. A list of these instruments and compatibility information for the handpieces is available to registered students from the School's administration office. Registered students of the UWI School of Dentistry may take advantage of special arrangements with dental supply companies when purchasing these instruments.



Practsing inTrinidad and Tobago

The University of the West Indies D.D.S. is recognized by the Dental Council of Trinidad & Tobago. Graduates who successfully complete the year of Vocational Training are eligible for registration to practise dentistry in Trinidad & Tobago.

Practising in the Caribbean

Graduates from Jamaica and Barbados must also complete the year of Vocational Training as well as sit the licensure examination of the respective dental councils in order to be licensed to practise in these countries.

Practising Internationally

The University of the West Indies D.D.S. degree are termed "Foreign-Trained Dentists" by the licensure bodies in the US and Canada or "Non-EU trained dentists" in Countries of the European Union

In order to practise dentistry in these countries, you must satisfy the licensure requirements of that country, province or state.

You should check the licensure requirements of their particular territory, and contact their governing body for more information. Below are some useful links:


United States

United Kingdom







Criteria for Admission

Applicants should visit the UWI website and apply online. The selection of candidates is based on their academic achievement and co-curricular activities.  more...