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About Us

The Centre for Medical Sciences Education (CMSE) is a physical and conceptual centre for harnessing and maximizing the efficient and effective use of teaching, learning, technology, and educational research resources in the Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS). The mission of the Centre is to provide academic, professional and technical resources towards promoting continuous improvement in curriculum planning, and the delivery of medical education programmes involving staff and students at the FMS.


CMSE staff member(s) have been involved in:

  • Inauguration of the Skills Laboratory and skills teaching.
  • Establishment of an Optical Mark Reader (OMR) scanning facility for machine scored assessments.
  • Consultancies on education and research for national agencies.
  • Assistance with the identification of teaching resource material: audio-visual resources material, teaching aids, and computer software in collaboration with the FMS library.
  • Provision of audio-visual services to classrooms and laboratories.
  • Monitoring and reviewing teaching in the Skills Laboratory.
  • Consultation with medical teachers on the use of teaching methodologies.
  • Producing online courses.
  • Contributing a significant role in curriculum change collaboration with the Department of Liberal Arts on changing from the Foundation Course on Use of English to Communication Skills for Health Personnel and Communication Skills for the Health Professions.
  • Conceptualization of training programmes for information technology, family medicine, diabetes education, the design of dental auxiliary training, pre-health professionals and advanced nursing.
  • Conducting workshops on curriculum, assessment and item writing to upgrade the quality of medical education.
  • Collaboration with the Dean’s office in conference planning and events management for major workshops and conferences.
  • Assisting associated health agencies and professional bodies with videography and audio-visual services for workshops and conferences.
  • Participation in Faculty and inter-campus sports and games.



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Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing
Print and Copy Services
Curriculum Design and Development
Instructional Design
Staff Development Workshops
Assessment and Evaluation
Communication Skills Teaching
Internal Audit, Monitoring, and Review

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* Print Services
Binding, laminating, printing, photocopying
* Faculty-wide publications
Booklets| Flyers| Notices
Programmes | Reports | Information brochures
* Multimedia and video production
Content Creation | Filming | CD/DVD Authoring
* Preparation of student material
Student information packages | Exam cards
Course booklets | Communication Skills course manuals
* Student Training and Advisory Role
Assisting students with their presentation skills for communication and research
Academic advising of students who require study skills
* Events Management
Conference and workshop packages | Flyers | ID cards | Certificates
* Presentations
Posters | Slides | Transparencies | PowerPoint Presentations

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  Dr Bidyadhar Sa - Head
  Lecturer - Measurement & Evaluation
  E-mail: | Tel/ext: (868)-645-3232 ext.5230

 Dr Pradeep Sahu
  Lecturer - Curriculum Development
  E-mail: | Tel/ext: (868)-645-3232 ext.5229

 Mrs Stella Williams
  Lecturer - Communication Skills
  E-mail: | Tel/ext: (868)-645-3232 ext.5212

  Mrs Lindy Plaza
  E-mail: | Tel/ext: (868)-645-3232 ext.5210

  Ms Shadiwsh Bailey
  Clerical Assistant
  E-mail: | Tel/ext: (868)-645-3232 ext.5228

  Mrs Siobhan Bedeau
  Clerical Assistant
  E-mail: | Tel/ext: (868)-645-3232 ext.5228

  Mrs Shairoon Ghany-Ramcharan
  Tel/ext: (868)-645-3232 ext.5210


  Mr Michael Khan
  Graphic Artist
  E-mail: | Tel/ext: (868)-645-3232 ext.5219


  Mr Akil Lashley-Bailey
  Senior Laboratory Assistant
  E-mail: | Tel/ext: (868)-645-3232 ext.5213

Mr Jonathan Henry
  Office Attendant
  E-mail: | Tel/ext: (868)-645-3232 ext.5213

AudioVisual and Photography
  Mr Marlon Sampson
  Audio Visual Technician
  E-mail: | Tel/ext: (868)-645-3232 ext.5215

  Mr Dexter Superville
  Senior Laboratory Assistant
  E-mail: | Tel/ext: (868)-645-3232 ext.5214


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Contact Us

Mailing Address
Centre for Medical Sciences Education
Office of the Dean
Faculty of Medical Sciences
The University of the West Indies
Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex
Uriah Butler Highway, Champ Fleurs
Trinidad, West Indies


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