The University of the West Indies

Immigration Requirements


Citizens of the following countries do not require entry visas to enter Trinidad and Tobago.

  1. CARICOM countries except:
    1. Haiti.
  2. European Union (EU) countries, except:
    1. Czech Republic.
    2. Estonia.
    3. Hungary.
    4. Latvia.
    5. Lithuania.
    6. Poland.
    7. Slovakia.
    8. Slovenia.
  3. British Commonwealth countries, except:
    1. Australia.
    2. Cameroon.
    3. India.
    4. Mozambique.
    5. New Zealand.
    6. Nigeria.
    7. Papua New Guinea.
    8. South Africa.
    9. Sri Lanka.
    10. Tanzania.
    11. Uganda.


Students of the University of the West Indies (St. Augustine Campus), the Sir Hugh Wooding Law School (St. Augustine Campus), the Faculty of Medicine(Mount Hope) and the St. John Vianney Seminary (Mount St. Benedict; theology degree only) do not require student permits.

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