Researcher Profile


Dr. Randy Seepersad

Dr. Randy Seepersad


  • T.Dip., B.Sc. (First Class Hons.), M.Phil. (Cambridge), Ph.D. (Toronto)




  • Lecturer and Coordinator of the Criminology Unit



Courses taught:



  • Police and Society
  • Sociology of Penal Practice



  • Research Methods and Statistics in Criminology
  • Youth Violence and Delinquency
  • Restorative Justice
  • Current Trends in Sociological Theory
  • Caribbean Social Problems
  • Crime and Public Policy



Research Interests:


Poverty, inequality, relative deprivation, deportation, youth crime and justice, penology, psychology and crime, philosophy of science, quantitative analysis and research methodology in the social sciences.



Publications :


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Books Forthcoming


Seepersad, Randy and Dianne Williams (forthcoming) Crime and Insecurity in Trinidad and Tobago.