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Visiting Professor from University of Cambridge- Dr Finian Leeper

Departmental Seminar


TITLE:         Bioorthogonal Chemistry for Cancer Imaging

DATE:            Thursday 4th May, 2017

TIME:            11:00 a.m.

VENUE:         Chemistry Seminar Room East



Departmental Seminar


TITLE: Teaching Molecular Electronic Structure Theory Using Graphical Representations

DATE: Friday 17 February, 2017

VENUE:    Chemistry Seminar Room East

TIME:     11:00 a.m.

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Professor Pulay (born on September 20, 1941 in Veszprém, Hungary) is a theoretical chemist. He is the main author of the PQS (Parallel quantum Solutions) computational chemistry program. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the 2003 Schrödinger Medal, World Association of Theoretically Oriented Chemists and the Alexander Von Humboldt Senior Scientist Award (1995). He is also a member of many recognized organizations including International Academy of Quantum Molecular Sciences and the International Society for Theoretical Chemical Physics.



Departmental Seminar

TITLE:        Radioactive Ion Beams in Materials Research – Examples from studies undertaken at the On-line RIB facility ISOLDE at CERN

DATE:                  Thursday 19 January, 2017

VENUE:                Chemistry Seminar Room East

TIME:                   11:00 a.m.

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Professor Bharuth-Ram currently holds positions of Honorary Research Professor, Durban University of Technology, Professor Emeritus, University of KwaZulu-Natal and Honorary Senior Research Associate, iThemba LABS, South Africa.

Prior to that he held several roles, most notable are Professor and Head of Department of Physics at University of Durban-Westville (UDW); Dean, Faculty of Science at UDW and also Head of the National Advisory Council on Innovation, Department of Science and Technology, South Africa.

His current research activities are mainly focused on applications of radioactive ion beams in materials research. His interdisciplinary research represents collaborations with the Universities of Goettingen and Jena (Germany) and Lisbon (Portugal), and the ISOLDE Collaboration at CERN.


2015/2016 Faculty of Science and Technology Prizes & Awards Ceremony- Dr Arvind Kumar

Tuesday 18th October

Daaga Auditorium

Dr Arvind Kumar was awarded the prize for the Top Researcher in the FST for this academic year. These prizes are in keeping with the University’s Strategic plan to "realign/introduce incentive systems to reward high performance and innovation".


Congratulations to him!


PROFESSOR EI-ICHI NEGISHI - 2010 Chemistry Nobel Prize Winner

Departmental Seminar

DATE:                  Thursday 22nd September, 2016

VENUE:                Chemistry Seminar Room East

TIME:                   10.30 a.m.


Nobel Laureate Lecture Series and Public Lecture

Thursday 22nd September, 2016 @ 5:30pm

LRC Auditorium, UWI, St. Augustine

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Prof Ei-Ichi

Ei-ichi Negishi, H. C. Brown Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Purdue University, grew up in Japan and received his Bachelor's degree from the University of Tokyo in 1958. From 1958-1966, while working as a Research Chemist at Teijin, Ltd., Japan, Negishi spent 3 years (1960-1963) as a Fulbright-Smith-Mund Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania and obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry. In 1966, he joined Professor H. C. Brown's Laboratories at Purdue as a Postdoctoral Associate and was appointed Assistant to Professor Brown in 1968. Negishi went to Syracuse University as Assistant Professor in 1972 and began his life-long investigations of transition metal-catalyzed organometallic reactions for organic synthesis. Negishi was promoted to Associate Professor at Syracuse University in 1976 and invited back to Purdue University as Full Professor in 1979. In 1999 he was appointed the inaugural H. C. Brown Distinguished Professor of Chemistry. He has received various awards, with the most representative being 1987 J.S. Guggenheim Fellowship, 1996 Chemical Society of Japan Award, 1998 ACS Award in Organometallic Chemistry, 1998–2001 Alexander von Humboldt Senior Researcher Award, Germany, 2000 Sir Edward Frankland Prize, Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, 2007 Yamada-Koga Prize, Japan, 2010 ACS Award for Creative Work in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, 2010 Japanese Order of Culture, 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2010 UK Royal Society of Chemistry Honorary Fellowship Award, 2011 Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and 2014 elected into the National Academy of Sciences as a Foreign Associate.


UWI-NGC Research Awards 2016


Wednesday 8th June, 2016 @5:30pm

Learning Resource Centre, UWI St Augustine


Dr. Michael Forde received the UWI-NGC Campus Awards 2016 for the Principal’s Special Award for Outstanding Young Scholar.

The project "The Impact of the Contaminants produced by the Guanapo Landfill on the Surrounding Environment" was selected for Campus Awards in the categories

  • Most Impacting Research Project
  • Best Research Team- Encouraging Multi-disciplinary Research

The selection process was rigourous and the achievement is significant. Congratulations to

Dr. Denise Beckles of the Department of Chemistry and her team

Dr Leonette Cox, Chemistry

Dr Grace-Ann Bent, Chemistry

Dr Vincent Cooper, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dr. E. Monica Davis, Pre-Clinical Sciences

Dr. Ricardo Clarke, Physics

Ms. Xsitaaz Chadee, Physics

Dr. Kailas Banerjee, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dr. Sharda Maharaj, WASA/WRA

Ms Maria Allong, SWMCOL

Guanapo Community Environmental Development Organization (GCEDO)



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