Title                         Undergraduate Internship in Statistics

Code                        ECON 3073

Level                       III

Semester                 I, II, Summer

Credits                    3

Prerequisites           Economics Statistics (ECON 2006) and Social and Economic Accounting (ECON 2005)


Overview               The Undergraduate Internship (ECON 3xxx) is one of the Level III elective courses offered by the Department of Economics. This program represents a joint initiative between the Economics Department and the Central Statistical Office (CSO) of Trinidad and Tobago. Students will be placed in one of the working groups of the CSO and undertake assignments as guided by Professional Statisticians from that group.

The course requires 72 contact hours at the CSO which can be achieved as follows:

  • 3 hrs/day over 2 days/wk for 12 weeks in Semester I/II
  • 6 hrs/day over 1 day/wk for 12 weeks in Semester I/II
  • 4 hrs/day over 2 days/wk for 9 weeks in Semester I/II
  • 1 full day per week over 10 weeks in Semester I/II
  • 1 full day per week over 10 weeks in the Summer


In its purpose and goals, this course aligns itself with the stated policy of the University of the West Indies and the Department of Economics to produce graduates who are well versed in the practice of their disciplines in the workforce.


Instructor Information

Name                                Mr. Martin Franklin

Office /Phone                     Humanities & Social Sciences Building, Economics Department. 
Tel: 662-2002 Ext 8-2017

Email                                              Martin.Franklin@sta.uwi.edu

Office Hours                                  (As listed on door of the office of lecturer).


Name                                Dr. Regan Deonanan

Office /Phone                     Humanities & Social Sciences Building, Room 210. 
Tel: 662-2002 Ext 8-2398

Email                                              Regan.Deonanan@sta.uwi.edu

Office Hours                                  (As listed on the door of the office of lecturer).


Communication             Students are encouraged to attend office hours to consult with their lecturers. If for any reason, the Office Hours are inconvenient, students should seek an appointment with their lecturers for the purpose of consultation.



This course is designed to provide prospective UWI Economics graduates with the skills necessary to generate robust economic reports, analyses and policies based on actual and relevant work experience. The assignments undertaken at the CSO will allow students a medium to apply the quantitative skills gained in Level I & II courses to the related real-life environment of the CSO. It is expected that some interns will elect, after the internship, to make a career out of statistics.

Apart from guaranteeing an easy transition into world of work upon graduation, this course enables students to acquire the set of skills that are most frequently used in the workplace to generate and critically analyze reports.


Course Content

The internship will provide exposure to the following:

  • The various divisions within the CSO
  • Field data collection
  • Data indices
  • Data dissemination
  • Data for policy development and evaluation
  • Report writing


Course Goals

This course is meant:

  • To develop within the student an appreciation for the vital and pervasive role of the CSO with regards to providing National Accounts Data
  • To give to the student a clear sense of how data should be collected, processed and disseminated in accordance with accepted professional standards
  • To foster the student’s theoretic and practical understanding of the process of index estimation, whereby field data is collated to provide meaningful measures of a country’s economic performance


TEACHING Strategies

To effectively fulfill its stated goals, this course will make use of the following teaching strategies:

  • Provision of a supervisor at the CSO who oversees the range of activities students undertake
  • A lecturer within the Department of Economics who advises the student on his/her overall progress during the internship
  • A formal discussion among the student, CSO Supervisor and Lecturer concerning the work to be undertaken at the start of the internship



At the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe the role and functions of each division of the CSO
  • Discuss the range of data classifications within the CSO and their applications
  • Exhibit in-depth knowledge of a particular division within the CSO and describe how it fits into the overall structure of the organization
  • Describe the field data collection activity required for the compilation of the National Accounts
  • Exhibit in-depth knowledge of the processing and dissemination of data by the CSO
  • Compute various CSO Indices
  • Identify the range of statistics produced
  • Write a report in accordance with CSO guidelines



The course assignments will comprise of the actual work done at the CSO.  Assignments will be determined by the CSO supervisor and will be based on the working needs of the division of the CSO to which the student is primarily assigned. Due dates will also be determined by the CSO Supervisor and will be based on the internal deadlines of the division. Students will receive timely feedback from co-workers on the quality of their work.



The assessment is threefold:

  • Students are required to fulfill CSO internal requirements.
  • Students are required to submit one (1) of the reports done for the CSO to the Department of Economics.
  • Students are also required to submit a formal report and make a formal presentation to the Economics Department concerning the work done over the duration of the internship upon completion of the required hours. 

The formal report must include the following:

  • Organizational chart of the CSO
  • Discussion of how the particular division assigned contributes to the overall functioning of the CSO
  • Listing and short description of the main data produced by each division of the CSO
  • Description of all data provided and data collection methods used by particular division assigned
  • Description and example calculation of one CSO index


Students will receive a ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ grade at the end of the semester in which the internship is undertaken.


course resources

Reference Texts

P.S. Mann, Introductory Statistics, John Wiley & Sons, 7th edition (5th or 6th edition is also allowed)

Blaisdell, E., Statistics in Practice, Saunders College Publishers, 2001

Keller, G.  Managerial Statistics, International Student Edition, Southwestern, 2009.



To be determined by the CSO supervisor upon commencement of the internship.