Dr. Shanaz Wahid

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
The University of The West Indies
St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

Location: Room 320
Tel: 662-2002 ext 83081
E-mail: shanaz.wahid@sta.uwi.edu


Educational Background
  • BSc, MPhil, PhD (Mathematics); The University of the West Indies, St Augustine
On-going research
  • Combinatorial enumeration
  • graph polynomials
Recent Publications
  • Perfect Matchings in the Square Lattice A(5,n), Bulletin of the ICA, Vol. 58,(2010),pp 94-98,(Impact factor is 0.268)
  • An Efficient Combinatorial-Probabilistic Dual-Fusion Modification of Bernstein’s Polynomial Approximation Operator, Applied Mathematics(2011),Vol. 2, No.12.pp,1535-1538.
  • Efficient Approximation Using Probabilistically Improved Combinatorial Structure of Bernstein’s Polynomial Operator Weights through the Fusion of Dual Perspectives, Journal of Mathematics Research, Vol. 3,No .3, pp,59-62,(2011).