MATH6150 Viscous Flows


Number of Credits : 5




Course Description:

Equations of Viscous Flow Kinematics and Dynamics of Flow, Energy Considerations, Boundary Conditions, Dimensional Analysis, Reynolds Number.


Exact Solutions

Some Exact Solutions including Flow Generated by an Oscillating Plate, Helical Flow in an Annular Region, Hamell’s Problem of Flow in a Wedged-Shape Region, Flow Generated by a Rotating Disc.


Axially Symmetric Rotary Flows

Flow between Parallel Discs, Flow between Coaxial Cones, Flow between Concentric Spheres - A Secondary Flow.


Flow Past a Sphere

Creeping Flow Past a Sphere, Ossen’s Criticism, Matching Techniques.


Lubrication Theory

Physical Origin of Fluid-Film Lubrication, The Mathematical foundations of Lubrication Theory, Slider Bearing, Squeeze Films, Journal Bearings.



Coursework                                                         25%

Final Examination: One 3 hour written paper          75%