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BHATT, Balswaroop (Prof.)

Prey-predator models.

Fluid Dynamics

BHATT, Balswaroop (Prof.)

  • Study of interfaces.
  • Heat transfer in porous media.
  • Symmetries of differential equations.


  • Mathematical modelling.
  • Non-linear waves.
  • Thin film.
  • Non-linear chemical oscillations.
  • Desorption dynamics in polymeric systems.

RAHAMAN, Karim (Dr.)

Non-Newtonian fluid flows, in particular, the flow behaviour of these fluids for which its motion has been induced due to time dependent and independent pressure gradients, as well as moving boundaries, with and without slip. 

GUNAKALA, Rao Sreedhara (Dr.) Computation Fluid Dynamics & Analysis
JOGIE, Dayle (Mr.) Mathematical Modelling, Fluid Dynamics
Pure Mathematics TWEEDLE, David (Dr.) Number Theory

Graph Theory

de MATAS, Charles (Dr.)

Graph polynomials.

WAHID, Shanaz (Dr.) Graph Theory and Combinatorics
DAAGA, Akhenaton (Mr.) Graph Theoy and Combinatorics



ANTOINE, Robin (Dr.)

Mathematical statistics and applications of statistics to epidemiology, demography. He has begun to prepare work in genetics, which will be the focus of an active inter-disciplinary group involving biologists, statisticians and computer scientists.

DIALSINGH, Isaac (Dr.) Bio Informatics, Statistical Modelling

SHIRLEY, Angela (Dr.)

Estimation and Factors affecting teen pregnancy

TRIPATHI, Vrijesh (Dr.)

Bio-statistics, survival analysis, clinical research and reproductive health.

Actuarial Science SMART, Stokeley (Mr.) P & C Reserving and Time Series Analysis
DOCTOR, Dane (Mr.) Financial Mathematics Groups