Fee Schedule

Transmission Electron Microscope

Specimen Preparation:                                                                                 

Fixation through embedding, for each project (5-15 tissue specimens) $1500.00


Embedding Per Sample (Vial):
 Includes: fixatives, solvents, resins, tubes, vials, and molds $210.00



Thick sectioning & staining  $60.00/blk
Thin sectioning & staining $150.00/blk
(Minimum 3 grids)


Includes: trimming and sectioning supplies, grids, Slides, post-stains $240.00/blk 

Electron Microscopy:

Per hour spent on scope $300.00/hr



Negatives (per)  $12.00

Prints (per) $20.00

Scanning Electron Microscope

Specimen Preparation:                   

Per project, to include fixation, CPD, Mounting coating, up to 5 tissue samples $1500.00

Critical Point Drying (CPD) Includes: fixatives, solvents, CPD specimen carriers Polycarbonate filters, Thermonox cover slips, and transitional fluid (bone-dry liquid CO2) $180.00/run

Sputter– Coating Includes: Stub, colloidal silver, graphite, storage boxes, Agon gas, and Au target $120.00/run

Electron Microscopy:

Per hour spent for evaluation & pictures $300.00 /hr


Polaroid pack of 10 $25.00/Shot

Digital prints $20.00/per print


EM Evaluation / Consultation

The first hour per project is at no charge, thereafter there is a per hour charge for time spent evaluating the data (quantitative and /or qualitative).