Questions that students are likely to ask concerning the separation of the Faculty of Science and Agriculture
  1. What does this separation mean and how will it affect me?

    The University took the decision to separate the Faculty of Science and Agriculture into two new Faculties: Food and Agriculture and Science and Technology. Students will be unaffected by the “de-merger” of the Faculty of Science and Agriculture as there will be no changes in the current academic programmes as a direct result of the separation and the regulations of the old and new faculties will remain as similar as possible.

    Timetables and class room allocations are centrally determined and will be available as usual on the University website.  We have kept the regulations of the two new faculties as similar as possible. The changes which will arise will be more in terms of the new strategic direction the faculties will embark upon with respect to their new programme offerings and their research, development, innovation and outreach agenda.

    There will however, be some physical relocations as a result of the change.

  2. What departments will be assigned to the new faculties?

    Departments will be assigned to the new Faculties as follows:

    Faculty of Science and Technology
    Computing and Information Technology
    Life Sciences
    Mathematics and Statistics

    Faculty of Food and Agriculture:
    Agricultural Economics and Extension
    Department of Food Production
    Geography (a new Department)

    Please also note that the BSc Optometry programme will now be located in and managed by the Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS) at the Mount Hope Campus.

  3. Where will the main offices for the new faculties be located?

    The new Office of the Dean, Faculty of Food and Agriculture (FFA), will be located in the Sir Frank Stockdale Building, in the facilities designated for the current Dean’s office, Faculty of Science and Agriculture.

    The new Office of the Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), will be temporarily located in the Sir Frank Stockdale building during the month of August. From September, it will be re-located downstairs of the Chemistry Building (C2) where the current Optometry lab is located.

  4. How will I know the faculty to which I am now assigned?

    Current students in the School of Agriculture will be re-assigned to the Faculty of Food and Agriculture, while those currently enrolled in the School of Science, will be assigned to the Faculty of Science and Technology. You can check with the Dean’s offices during the registration period in August if you need further clarifications.
    Special HELP DESKS will also be set up in the Sir Frank Stockdale Building to assist you.
    New students will be assigned to the new Faculties (FST or FFA) on admission, based on their programme of study.

  5. Will this change be reflected on my online records?

    Yes, the process has started, but it may take some time to be incorporated into Banner. Please bear with us.

  6. Will I graduate from one of the new Faculties?

    Upon successful completion of your studies, you will graduate from the new faculty to which you are assigned - either FFA or FST. You should note however that your certificate indicates that you have graduated from The University of the West Indies and not from a specific faculty.

  7. Who are the Deputy Deans of the new faculties?    

    The Deputy Deans appointed for the 2012/13 academic year are:

    Faculty of Science and Technology:
    Dr. Shirin Haque: Student Matters
    Dr. Adesh Ramsubhag: Graduate Studies and Research
    Dr. Donna Comissiong: Outreach

    Faculty of Food and Agriculture:
    Dr. Sharon Hutchinson: Outreach
    Prof Neela Badrie: Graduate Studies and Research
    Prof Gary Garcia—Student Matters

  8. What if I am pursuing courses in both of the new faculties, or a special option? Will I be affected?

    You should not be affected in any major way. As a current student, you have already been assigned to a School which in turn has been assigned to one of the new Faculties as explained in question four above. Present regulations which allow students to pursue courses, majors and minors in other faculties, remain unchanged.

    Just attend classes and pass your exams and you will graduate for the same degree you are registered for according to the rules and regulations that existed when you entered the University.   Even the pass mark and the grading schemes remain the same in the new faculties.

  9. Will there still be a section devoted to student matters at the new faculty offices?

    Yes. Offices for Deputy Deans, Student Matters will be set up in each faculty to attend to student matters. In addition, the Administrative Assistants in the Dean’s Offices will be available to assist you as necessary.

  10. Will there be new guild representatives for the new faculties and what will happen to the existing representative?

    Yes. There will be separate representatives for the two new faculties. The Guild of Students will determine how and when these representatives are appointed.

  11. Will classroom locations change?

    Classroom locations change each semester. The class timetable on the UWI website will indicate the rooms in which your classes will be held.

  12. Is there any new protocol for booking classrooms?

    No, the same rules apply.  Please consult the Administrative Assistants in your respective Dean’s Office for assistance with classroom bookings.

  13. Will the existing computer labs be reassigned to serve specific faculties?

    There are several computer labs in the current Faculty. The faculty/departments with responsibility for these labs are as follows:

    Computer Lab locations

    Faculty / Department

    Dudley Huggins Building

    Department of Agricultural Economics & Extension

    Sir Frank Stockdale Building

    Faculty of Food and Agriculture

    Computer Science Department

    Department of Computing & Information Technology

    It should be noted that departments with small computer labs to service special needs of their students will remain the responsibility of these departments.

  14. What is the University doing to make the transition easier for students?

    In case you missed the sessions held during the last academic year, special orientation sessions will be conducted during the first two weeks of registration for the new academic year.
    We want to assure you that the effect of the transition will be minimal as far as you are concerned. In the current Faculty of Science and Agriculture structure, students are organized and categorized according to the departments to which they are assigned, and as such will not be affected by the demerger.  However, special efforts will be made to deal with any student issues that arise in the coming semester.

    Should you have any special concerns, please contact the respective Dean’s Office or visit one of the helpdesks located in the Sir Frank Stockdale Building.