Employee Assistance and Wellness Program (EAWP)

Issued by: Director, Human Resources

WELLNESS -   “the conscious choices and responsible actions one makes to balance  the many integrated dimensions (physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, occupational and social) of one’s existence to achieve the highest potential for personal health and well-being.”  (Wellness Matters)

The University of the West Indies will be implementing a Wellness Programme for all its employees.  This Programme is an initiative which was agreed to by the Oilfields Workers Trade Union and the University of the West Indies in our current Collective Agreement.

The programme has been designed to assist staff in making healthier choices in order to avoid lifestyle diseases like cancer, diabetes mellitus and heart disease to name a few.  These diseases can be alleviated by the implementation of simple changes in eating habits paralleled with regular physical activity.

The Wellness programme will therefore serve to enhance our already existing  EAP and we will now see a new acronym when we refer to these two entities: the Employee Assistance and Wellness Programme. (EAWP) 

The University will be working in conjunction with:

  1. Sport and Physical Education Centre (SPEC)
  2. Health Service Unit (HSU)
  3. Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS)
  4. Ministry of Health (MOH)

We will launch our Employee Assistance and Wellness Programme with a Fair on August 13, 2009 at 11:30am on the Daaga Hall grounds. Please download our Wellness Policy for further information. Should you require any additional information you are free to contact the Human Resources Division.

In the meantime, “Be Well”.


More information about the Wellness Programme:

  1. The Wellness Programme was designed to assist staff members in their quest for good health and wellbeing. The Programme will be ongoing depending on response and will be monitored to determine its effectiveness
  2. This programme will be assisted internally by SPEC, FMS, the HSU, and the EAP and externally by the Ministry of Health for health literature/information.
  3. If you wish to join the Wellness Programme you will be required to complete a Registration Form (available on the Intranet) and pay a $60.00 Administrative Fee at the beginning of the financial year (Annually) at the Cashier. You must return the original Wellness Programme forms and a copy of your receipt to the Human Resources Division. You can then go to the Student Administration Building for a Wellness ID card to be processed.
  4. Members are reminded that you must present your ID card to the Instructor on duty.
  5. You must sign the register before beginning your activities.
    If you decide to participate in any type of physical activity, you will be required to present yourself to a Physician or any Health Care Provider before engaging in such activity.

For further information on the WELLNESS PROGRAMME please contact the Human Resources Division at Ext 84239.