Employee Assistance Programe

Issued by: Hollis Nicholas, Senior Assistant Registrar
Issue Date: June 2nd 2005

The Employee Assistance Programme is a free service available to all members of staff, their spouse and dependants under the age of 18, for their use and guidance. It is provided through a highly qualified team of consultants – Help Consultants and their Administrator, Mr. J. David Ramkeesoon, B. A. (OXON.)

The EAP is necessary to assist those employees who may be experiencing problems that contribute to deteriorating job performance. It provides professional assessment, referral, and counselling services to employees who wish to return to full productivity.

It can be accessed through:

• Managerial/Supervisory referral
• Self-referral
• Referral by a Union Official
• Peer referral
• Family referral

The service is also held in strict confidence. Information about an employee and his/her problem will NOT be divulged or discussed with the Employee’s family, peers, or employer without prior written consent from the Employee.

A troubled employee may convey signs that include:

• Absenteeism
• Alcoholism
• Misconduct
• Substance abuse
• Tardiness, etc.
• Depression
• Unpunctuality

The types of services available are:

• Management & Supervisory Training to identify troubled employees
• Employee Education & Orientation
• Union & Shop Steward Education & Orientation
• Anger Management & Conflict Resolution
• Crisis Trauma Debriefing
• Stress Management – for managers & employees
• HIV/AIDS Prevention & Counselling
• Grief Therapy
• Financial Counselling
• Pre-retirement Counselling
• Coping Skills for Parents
• Men’s Health Problems & Sexuality
• Women’s Health Problems & Sexuality
• Health & Safety Awareness
• Acupuncture Therapy

In times of trouble, please refer to your EAP for confidential treatment and counselling. Contact your Programme Administrator – Mr. J. David Ramkeesoon at 637-4634.