Recruiting - ATS

The University strives to recruit and select the best-qualified candidates to support the University's vision and mission. This commitment provides for equal opportunity in recruitment, appointment, promotion, payment, training, and other human resource practices without regard to race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, colour, creed, religion, age, political belief, or national origin.

The Human Resources Section retains administrative responsibility for the staff recruitment function to departments, unless otherwise delegated.

Where such functions are delegated, approved guidelines must be followed (See Recruiting Procedures).

It is the policy of the UWI to fill all new or vacant positions above the entry level from among existing permanent employees in its establishment wherever possible.

Recruitment from external sources will normally only be done for entry-level positions or where the University has failed in its attempt to find suitable internal candidates for appointment to posts offered at higher levels.

The University will not normally employ spouses, children or other close relatives of the employees in the same Department or Unit. Where, however, it is in the best interest of The University to do so at any time, one relative shall not be allowed to supervise the other and a transfer to another Department should be arranged at the nearest opportunity.

Applications for advertised posts must be forwarded to the Human Resources Section for processing before the applicants could be considered for an appointment.

The minimum age for employment at the University shall be eighteen (18) years.