Staff Benefits

The St. Augsutine Campus of The University of the West Indies comprises of the following staff categories:

  • Senior Administrative, Academic & Professional Staff (SAP)
  • Academic Related (AR)
  • Administrative, Technical & Service Staff (ATS)
  • Daily Paid Staff (DP)
  • Secuirty Staff (SEC)

General benefits for all permanent members staff:


Staff Benefits are listed below by staff categories.

Senior Administrative, Academic & Professional Staff:

  • Transportation Allowance
  • Housing Allowance:
  • Pension
  • Annual Study and Travel Grant
  • Institutional Visit Allowance
  • Book Grant
  • Travel on Appointment
  • Contributory Health Insurance
  • UWI Group Life Insurance
  • Scholarly/Sabattical Leave
  • Study Leave


Academic Related:

  • Transportation Allowance
  • Training & Developmental Grant


Administrative,Technical & Services Staff:

Daily Paid Staff:



Security Staff: