Mrs Nardia Thomas-Allain

Mrs. Nardia Thomas-Allain“ I remember when I first walked onto Campus many years ago as an undergraduate student in the then Faculty of Arts and General Studies to pursue a BA Degree in History. I remember the feelings of peace, hope and joy as I was surrounded by the beautiful grounds and saw many students and staff hustling around. I completed my studies both at the undergraduate and graduate levels at our beloved UWI, acquiring an MPhil degree in History. I went on to work in the Faculty as an administrator. I have worked in the Faculty for some 16 years. I feel a deep sense of commitment and dedication to my Faculty, Campus and University as I feel as if I have grown up here.

I love working at the University for many reasons, but I think the 2 main reasons would be because of the people (staff and students) and the fact that we are blessed to be part of the Region’s premier University!

I love working with our UWI family. The people who really share in the vision and mission of our University are very hardworking and genuinely excited about the service that we provide to each other and to our students. It warms my heart to work with so many wonderful people who are committed to serving our students. I love working at UWI because of the very nature of what we do….help make our students’ dreams into realities. I also appreciate how dynamic our institution is, the many innovative projects that we embark on as we constantly strive for excellence. Our structures, rules, regulations, processes and procedures all have a wisdom that supports high quality programmes and service to our students. I feel truly blessed to be able to contribute to our world class, ever progressive, academically vibrant and honourable UWI."