Vacation Leave

ARTICLE 7 - Collective Agreenment between the OWTU and The UWI
(a) Permanent and fixed term employees in Grades 1 to 10 shall be
granted leave with full pay, after each completed year of service
in accordance with the following schedule:
1 – 4 years 21 working days
5 – 10 years 28 working days
11 years and over 36 working days
NOTE: Permanent and fixed-term staff in employment as at December
31, 2001 and who had been entitled to vacation leave under the
expired 1996 to 1999 Collective Agreements shall continue to
enjoy such entitlement as per the attached Letter of
Understanding No. 2 (Appendix III).
(b) Leave for Part time employees shall be granted in accordance
with Letter of Understanding No. 3 (Appendix IV).

(ii) (a) Staff temporarily employed with The University for more than
three (3) months continuously shall be granted vacation leave
on the basis of one and one half (1½) working days for each
completed month of service.
(b) Contract staff employed with The University who have completed
an effective year’s service shall be entitled to twenty – one (21)
working days leave, provided however, that such leave eligibility
shall not exceed twenty-one (21) working days in any 12-month

(iii) All members of staff shall be entitled to accumulate vacation
leave for periods of two (2) years service. Leave in excess of this
amount may only be accumulated in exceptional circumstances
and with the approval of The University’s Finance Committee.

(iv) Vacation Leave may at the discretion of the Campus Registrar
and on the recommendation of the Head of Department be
granted in advance. However, if for any reason the staff
member’s appointment is terminated before the staff member
has earned such leave previously granted in advance, the staff
member’s entitlement up to the date of termination of his/her
appointment shall be calculated in accordance with the
provisions set out in (i) and (ii) above, and any emoluments
which have been paid for leave in excess of that earned, shall be repaid to The University or shall be deducted by The University
from monies due to the member of staff.

(v) An application for vacation leave shall be submitted to the Head
of Department at least fourteen (14) days in advance. Only in
special circumstances may the Head of Department accept an
application upon a shorter period of notice.

(vi) Vacation Leave will be calculated on the basis of five (5) working
days from Monday to Friday.

(vii) (a) If The University is unable to grant a member of staff his/her
leave entitlement when it is due, the member of staff shall not
lose such leave, not withstanding such member of staff should
have attained his/her age of retirement.
(b) The University will undertake to inform the worker of his/her
approaching date of retirement, approximately six (6) months
in advance. The worker should also advise his/her Head of
Department of his/her date of retirement.

(viii) (a) No worker shall be recalled from his/her vacation leave to
work except by mutual agreement.
(b) Where a member of staff is recalled from vacation leave for a
period not exceeding three (3) working days, he/she shall be
compensated at the rate of twice the hours worked subject to
a guaranteed minimum period of one (1) day.
(c) Where the period is more than three (3) working days he/she
shall be compensated at the rate stipulated in (a) above for the
first three (3) days worked and any time worked thereafter
shall be treated as deferred vacation leave.
(d) Where as a result of recall from leave a staff member suffers
proven financial loss, The University shall compensate him/
her for such loss.

(ix) The date on which a worker commences his/her vacation
leave shall be mutually arranged between the worker and The