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Feminist Epistemology and Methodology

4 credits
GEND 6102 (Diploma / MSc)
GEND 7101 (MPhil)
GEND 8101 (PhD)

This course aims to enhance students’ knowledge of both feminist theory and feminist practice regarding knowledge creation. In particular, feminist methodologies are significant for policy development, implementation and evaluation, and for producing research data that often feeds into this process. This course links the construction of knowledge to questions about knowing and issues in research methods. The course develops alongside and in relation to the course Contemporary Feminist Theorising.



  • Introduce students to key issues in feminist methodology and epistemology;
  • Equip students with the skills to critique traditional approaches to the construction of knowledge;
  • Enhance a greater understanding of issues related to what can be known, who can know and different ‘ways of knowing’;
  • Integration of critical methodological analysis related to the research process, and feminist approaches to the production of knowledge;
  • Evaluate methodological approaches and their suitability to specific research needs.