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Minor in Gender and Development

15 Credits

This minor is being offered in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Fifteen credits from level II and level III courses are required for this minor – three core courses and two elective courses.

IGDS / Other Faculty Course GEND CODE
for the Minor

Recommended Pre-Requisite

IGDS GEND 1103 GEND 1103 Introduction to Women’s Studies: Theoretical Concepts and Sources of Knowledge

Two Core Courses

IGDS GEND 2203 GEND 2203 Feminist Theoretical Frameworks
FSS Behavioral Sciences GEND 3039 SOCI 3039 Gender and Development with
Reference to Caribbean Society
FSS Behavioral Sciences GEND 3031 SOCI 3031 Sex, Gender and Society: Sociological Perspectives

Two Elective Courses
In addition to these three core courses, students must select two elective courses from the following:

Semester 1 electives

IGDS GEND 3501 GEND 3501 Philosophy of Gender***
IGDS GEND 2109 GEND 2109 Social Media and Gender
FHE Modern Lang and Linguistics GEND 2503 LING 2501 Language, Gender and Sex
FHE Dept of History GEND 3003 HIST 3003 Women and Gender in the History
of the English Speaking Caribbean
FFA Dept Agri Eco GEND 3004 AGEX 3003 Gender Issues in Agriculture

Semester 2 electives

IGDS GEND 1106 GEND 1106 Introduction to Global Feminist Activism and Women's Organising
IGDS GEND 2013 GEND 2013 Men and Masculinities in the Caribbean
FHE Dept of History HIST 3037 HIST 3037 Womanism, Gender and Femininity in Africa before the 20th Century
FSS Behavioral Sciences GEND 2025 SOCI 2025 Women and Work in the Global Economy
FSS Behavioral Sciences GEND 3038 SOCI 3038 Gender, Ethnicity and Class: Issues of
Identity, Nation and Citizenship
FSS Behavioral Sciences SOCI 3020 SOCI 3020 Social Policy and Administration III
FST Dept Life Sci GEND 3260 GENS 3260 Gender and Science


Semester 3 electives
IGDS GEND 3706 GEND 3706 The Personal is Political: Personal Narratives of Women Leaders
FHE Dept of History HIST 3719 HIST 3719 Historicising Desire: Human Sexuality from the Kamasutra to the Victorians
FHE Dept of History HIST 3720 HIST 3720 Contextualising Desire: Human Sexuality from the Victorians to “Viagra”

** Courses not offered2016-2017

*** Indicates courses taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Individual courses are open to any student, in any faculty, across Campus.

Updated August 2016